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Portsmouth Veterinary Ultrasound Services

Ultrasound Diagnostic Support in Portsmouth, NH

You can often tell immediately when something is wrong with your pet. They may not be acting like their usual selves or could show signs of pain or distress, especially if they were recently injured. Ultrasound is one of several powerful diagnostic tools that can be used to pinpoint the nature of your pet’s health problem.

When you are having trouble diagnosing your dog or cat’s health issue, turn to our veterinary ultrasound services in Portsmouth, NH. Our specialists at The Veterinary Emergency, Critical Care & Referral Center are board-certified and highly trained in the use of this equipment. We will quickly evaluate your pet and determine whether an ultrasound is the optimal means of assessing their condition. If we do proceed with an ultrasound and diagnose your pet, we will get to immediate work on treatment. Our professional staff is compassionate to the stress you may be experiencing in advance of an ultrasound and will work to make this vital process as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Note that ultrasounds are by appointment only. Our veterinary hospital is open 24/7, so call (603) 758-4262 or contact us online today.

What Is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound allows a veterinarian to see inside an animal’s body. The process involves placing a handheld “probe” device on the animal’s skin in the area where there may be a health problem. The probe generates soundwaves that create images that a trained professional will understand how to interpret.

An ultrasound is not an x-ray. It is much safer and less invasive. Though your pet’s fur will need to be shaved in the area where the ultrasound will occur, the procedure requires minimal restraints, and few animals need anesthesia. A sedative may be necessary if your dog or cat becomes frightened or cannot remain still, but the process should never be painful, and your pet will be able to lie down from start to finish.

In most cases, the results of an ultrasound are immediate. A specialist will review ultrasound images in real-time, allowing them to efficiently evaluate the area of interest and diagnose the problem.

What Types of Health Conditions Can an Ultrasound Detect in a Dog or Cat?

If you are not certain of your pet’s medical issue, one of several diagnostic tools may be used. An ultrasound is frequently used by veterinarians throughout the world to detect many types of problems.

An ultrasound may be used to assess your pet’s:

  • Abdomen
  • Chest
  • Eyes
  • Heart
  • Kidneys
  • Ligaments
  • Liver
  • Lymph Nodes
  • Spleen
  • Tendons
  • Thyroid Glands
  • Urinary Bladder

An ultrasound will be able to detect abnormalities in any of these areas. Our veterinary ultrasound services in Portsmouth, NH can quickly identify hemorrhages, heart problems, pneumothorax, and other serious conditions that may require emergency care.

Ultrasounds can also locate foreign objects that may be stuck or lodged in your pet’s body. The veterinarian will use the ultrasound image to evaluate the nature and extent of the blockage and whether surgery will be needed to safely remove the object.

When Should I Consider an Ultrasound for My Dog or Cat in New Hampshire?

Dogs and cats will occasionally deal with health problems that can be resolved without a visit to a veterinary hospital. However, there are certain warning signs that signal when it may be time to get professional assistance. After reviewing your pet’s symptoms and circumstances, one of our veterinarians will be able to advise whether an ultrasound is a good idea.

You may want to ask a veterinarian about an ultrasound if:

  • Your dog or cat has unusual lab results. Veterinarians will typically order routine bloodwork and/or urine tests at annual checkups to see evaluate the overall health of your pet. If any concerning abnormalities are discovered in the lab work, a veterinarian may recommend an ultrasound to further investigate the issue.
  • Your dog or cat was struck by a vehicle or experienced some other physical trauma. You should always have your pet checked out as soon as possible after they suffer a serious injury. A veterinarian can perform an ultrasound to determine if your dog or cat has sustained any organ damage or internal bleeding that requires additional medical interventions.
  • Your dog or cat has a painful lump in its abdomen. Any unexplained lump or swelling should be examined by a veterinarian. An ultrasound can be used to get to the root of the problem and ascertain the next treatment steps.
  • Your dog or cat swallowed something dangerous. Pets inevitably eat things they should not, but if the wrong objects get introduced into a pet’s body, the result can be more than an upset stomach. If you realize your dog or cat has ingested a foreign object that is toxic, sharp, or otherwise stands to harm them, you should go to an emergency veterinary hospital right away. A veterinarian can use an ultrasound to find the object and get the visual information required to decide the best course of action.

How Can I Prepare My Dog or Cat for an Ultrasound in New Hampshire?

Fortunately, an ultrasound is one of the less intrusive diagnostic tools available to veterinarians, and many dogs and cats experience minimal stress before, during, and after the procedure. Talk to your veterinarian before bringing your pet to the hospital: Depending on the type of ultrasound, your pet may need to avoid eating or drinking for eight to twelve hours.

You do not need to worry about shaving your pet’s fur. The veterinarian will shave only the areas necessary to complete the procedure. Our veterinary ultrasound services in Portsmouth, NH are also designed to make the process as relaxed and informative as possible for both patients and clients.

Get Your Pet an Ultrasound from a Board-Certified Specialist

Not all veterinarians are necessarily qualified to facilitate ultrasounds. The procedure requires specialized training and board certification for ultrasonography. Our staff includes specialists who understand how to perform many different types of ultrasounds on your dogs and cats. We are more than happy to provide this service if your usual veterinarian is unavailable or not trained in ultrasonography.

Not sure if your dog or cat needs an ultrasound? Contact us online or call (603) 758-4262 to discuss your situation with us.

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