Critical Care & ER

Dedication to providing excellent, compassionate care to pets and clients is the goal of our team.

Portsmouth Emergency & Critical Veterinary Care

24-Hour Emergency Care, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year

At Veterinary Emergency, Critical Care & Referral Center, our state-of-the-art facility is designed to provide technology for the highest level of care while accommodating your needs in a relaxed and healing environment. We even have a special overnight and comfort room for clients who wish to spend time with a pet that requires hospitalization.

In the case of an emergency, follow these four simple rules:

  • Remain calm.
  • Call your family veterinarian. If they are unavailable, call us.
  • Describe the nature of the problem. We will provide instructions.
  • Be careful. Even loving pets may bite when injured and scared. To help calm your animal, gently place a towel or blanket over your pet's head, leaving it loose enough for breathing.

Although appointments are not necessary, please call us at (603) 758-4262 to let us know you are on your way if you are able. Our Portsmouth emergency veterinary care is available when you need it most.

Critical Care Specialists

Sometimes a cat or dog has a life-threatening disease or is so ill that advanced diagnostics are needed to accurately assess the patient’s condition. A board-certified Critical Care Specialist undergoes rigorous advanced training and testing in a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate the patient as a whole. A Critical Care Specialist can use diagnostics and treatments on patients with multiple system abnormalities to save a pet’s life.

Utilizing our other individual specialists, our team approach is dedicated to a successful patient outcome. In some patients, response to treatment must be monitored frequently as rapid changes in treatment may be crucial to a positive outcome. Your family veterinarian knows this constant monitoring is available and may refer your pet to our facility for diagnostics and treatment.

Our Critical Care patients are seen on a referral basis only. If a pet has a chronic, serious or unknown illness, we are happy to see them as an appointment or transfer the same day. We welcome challenging, complicated cases and have an ongoing commitment to approach diagnostics and treatments aggressively and in the best interest of the patient. We have access to specialized medical and surgical procedures as well as advanced in-house diagnostics.

If you have a pet experiencing a medical emergency, call us at (603) 758-4262. We can also be reached through our online contact form for non-urgent matters.

Why Choose VECC For Your Pet's Wellbeing?

  • Highly Skilled Certified & Residency Trained Doctors
  • Providing 24/7 Emergency Care
  • A Reputation Built on Respect, Trust, Communication, Teamwork & Education
Emergency and Specialty Services Under One Roof

Our Reviews

  • “I would pay whatever I needed to have him healthy and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Thank you for giving me help today from A-Z! I will absolutely refer others to you!!”

    - Derek M.
  • “My daughter's dog ended up having to have the Bladder stones removed. They treated him like one of their own pets. They took excellent care of him before during and after his surgery.”

    - Connie C.
  • “I was emotional upon arrival but as soon as I handed her over I felt relief. I knew she was in good hands just from the immediate interactions we had with this staff. I can’t recommend this place enough!!”

    - Christina K.