Information for pet owners

Dedication to providing excellent, compassionate care to pets and clients is the goal of our team.

Information For Pet Owners

Your family veterinarian is highly skilled at providing excellent healthcare for pets, and through regular screening, they often diagnose pets with chronic or serious medical issues that require the services of a specialist. It is not feasible for all veterinarians to have the expertise necessary to manage every advanced illness, and there are times when they will refer to a board certified specialist to gain additional information or testing.

Seeing a boarded veterinary specialist could save you time and money as well as relieve your pet of ongoing issues quickly. If you believe your pet would benefit from a visit to a Board-Certified Veterinary Specialist, please ask your regular veterinarian for a referral to our hospital or one of our doctors. They can help coordinate your appointment and the transfer of medical records to us.

We work hand in hand with your veterinarian as an extension of their clinic and services. Our teams coordinate to ensure that records are updated and that the best possible healthcare is being provided to your pet.

Pets are such a huge part of our life and emotional make up, and we feel that our clients’ needs are truly paramount. In addition, we recognize that working closely with the family veterinarian is necessary and advantageous to successful patient outcomes.

Why Choose VECC For Your Pet's Wellbeing?

  • Highly Skilled Certified & Residency Trained Doctors
  • Providing 24/7 Emergency Care
  • A Reputation Built on Respect, Trust, Communication, Teamwork & Education
Emergency and Specialty Services Under One Roof

Our Reviews

  • “I would pay whatever I needed to have him healthy and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Thank you for giving me help today from A-Z! I will absolutely refer others to you!!”

    - Derek M.
  • “My daughter's dog ended up having to have the Bladder stones removed. They treated him like one of their own pets. They took excellent care of him before during and after his surgery.”

    - Connie C.
  • “I was emotional upon arrival but as soon as I handed her over I felt relief. I knew she was in good hands just from the immediate interactions we had with this staff. I can’t recommend this place enough!!”

    - Christina K.