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Portsmouth Veterinary Services

Emergency Veterinary Care and Specialty Services in Portsmouth, NH

When you know or suspect something is wrong with your pet, turn to the compassionate services of The Veterinary Emergency, Critical Care & Referral Center of New Hampshire. Our specialists provide high-quality, personalized healthcare for pets of all kinds and sizes. Our extensive training allows us to provide advanced care in a variety of areas. You can count on our veterinary services in Portsmouth, NH to quickly diagnose your pet’s problem and facilitate comprehensive treatment.

What Is a Veterinary Specialist?

A veterinary specialist, also sometimes referred to as a “diplomate,” is the highest level of distinction in veterinary medicine. This advanced accomplishment and title are awarded by specialty associations for extensive training and medical achievements in a specific clinical field of veterinary medicine.

Not only humans require specialized medical care: Pets need specialists, too! Specialists tend to have a greater knowledge of unusual, uncommon, or rare diseases and a deeper understanding of how to effectively treat these conditions. A veterinary specialist also typically has diagnostic equipment and resources that are not generally used at a regular veterinarian’s office.

A specialist in veterinary medicine is fundamentally similar to a human medicine specialist. In addition to the traditional undergraduate education and four years of veterinary school completed by a regular veterinarian, a veterinary specialist must also complete an internship that lasts at least one year as well as two to four years of residency training. A prospective veterinary specialist must then pass a certification exam.

Our facility is staffed by multiple board-certified veterinary specialists who are prepared to provide a sophisticated level of care and attention to your pet. We have the collective knowledge to quickly get to the heart of whatever problem your pet is experiencing and will work to promptly deliver a solution.

Our Specialized Services

Our specialists provide high-quality, personalized healthcare for your pet. This advanced care is unique to each specialist’s comprehensive training in their particular specialty.

Our veterinary services in Portsmouth, NH include:

  • Ultrasound. An ultrasound study can help you quickly identify possible problems with your pet and allow a veterinarian to get the information they need to develop a treatment plan. This approach generally does not require the use of anesthesia (for most animals) or excessive restraints. Though your pet’s fur will need to be shaved to allow for physical contact with the ultrasound device, the process is minimally invasive and allows for real-time diagnoses. We may recommend an ultrasound if your pet was recently struck by a vehicle, if your pet has unusual lab work, if your pet has an unexplained lump or painful spot in its abdomen, or if you believe your pet may be pregnant.
  • Surgery. Our facility offers a wide range of specialized surgery procedures conducted by seasoned specialists. Whenever we encounter a problem with your pet that requires surgery to resolve, we will walk you through all of your options and make a professional recommendation. Typically, we emphasize pursuing the most minimally invasive technique. Some of the procedures we offer include laparoscopic surgery, arthroscopic surgery, tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA), fracture repair, osteochondral autograft (OATS), tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO), total ear canal ablation, lateral bulla osteotomy, lung lobectomy, laryngeal tieback, shunt ligation, mandibulectomy, and more.
  • Cardiology. Heart and lung problems can be very dangerous for your pet, so you must monitor your animal for symptoms that may warrant a trip to our veterinary office. Signs of a heart or lung condition in dogs and cats include difficulty breathing, heart murmurs, abdominal swelling, and frequent fainting. Some heart or lung conditions seen in dogs and cats are fundamentally similar to human diseases and can be treated in similar ways. Other conditions are highly specific to pets and require tailored intervention. Our cardiology specialists work in tandem with our internal medicine and critical care specialists to evaluate pets, efficiently arrive at accurate diagnoses, and implement effective treatments.
  • Internal Medicine. When you are having a difficult time determining the nature of your pet’s health problem, turn to our internal medicine department at The Veterinary Emergency, Critical Care & Referral Center of New Hampshire. Our board-certified specialists have sophisticated diagnostic capabilities in a vast variety of areas, such as the liver, kidneys, respiratory system, endocrine system, and lower urinary tracts. We also frequently assess, diagnose, and treat infectious and immune-mediated diseases. Our department’s diagnostic tools include rhinoscopy, bronchoscopy, gastroscopy, digital radiography, cerebrospinal fluid collection, cystoscopy, esophagoscopy, small intestinal endoscopy, and more.
  • Critical Care. Sometimes a pet’s seemingly innocuous health problem abruptly escalates and becomes a life-threatening condition. When you are worried about the immediate health and safety of your pet, remain calm and call your family veterinarian. If your usual veterinarian is unavailable, we are available 24/7 to evaluate what is going on and provide instructions. You may need to bring your dog or cat to our facility, where we will work to swiftly diagnose the issue and start the appropriate treatments. We are dedicated problem solvers who are not afraid to take on difficult or complex cases.
  • Neurology. If you suspect your pet may be suffering from a neurological disorder – any condition involving the brain, spine, or peripheral nervous system – we can carry out specialized diagnostic procedures that can get you the answers and plan you need. Our tools include magnetic resonance imaging, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, and electrophysiological diagnostics. Examples of neurological conditions we frequently treat include seizures, strokes, degenerative myelopathy, hydrocephalus, intervertebral disc disease, meningoencephalitis, and more.
  • Acupuncture. Our facility sometimes uses medical acupuncture and related procedures to treat and prevent respiratory problems, neurological issues, digestive problems, and musculoskeletal issues.

If you think your pet needs specialized veterinary services in Portsmouth, NH, call (603) 758-4262 or contact us online to discuss your concerns with our team and schedule an appointment.

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